Monday, May 29, 2006

Reservations in Education

Well for a change today i m writing something other than technology.

Today i came across this interview of Mr. Arjun Singh Humam Resource and Development Minister of India by Mr. Karan Thapar.

I have gone through this (during my engineering admission to VNIT) and objected reservation in education from the begining but in vain. Why don't they help these OBC's, SC's and ST's with money rather than providing reservations to them in the field of education. We need more qualified people in all IIM's, IITs and other medical institutions. If they are qualified and have calibre to compete with rest of the people then they should take this reservation.

In one hand we talk about modern India and developing India and when I see things like this I think it will take another 25 years to see the picture of Modern India. By providing reservations to them, they are discriminating against them and in long term it is not going to benefit them and the country.

If they want to do their betterment please allow reservation for them in sports and ask them to compete there, why only academia?