Thursday, September 29, 2005

Count down 30 days to Go!!!

Hurray! 30 more days to go and then I will be flying to India after long gap !! Eager to meet my family, Mom, Dad, bros and my sweet little nephew.

Have to do lots of shopping and take care of all the near and dear ones there! This time I won't miss any of them.

Isn't it like more you stay away from home more you like your home??? I am getting nostalgic !! so its better to put down my "KALAM" (in Hindi).

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Just stumbled upon this babe ! She is lovely and I enjoyed playing with her!!

Well its a nice implementation of AJAX and web2.0 to unify differet IM's(yahoo, msn, aol, icq, gtalk etc) signing and listing, chattaing with friends or contacts in your IMs .

No need to have differet messengers running on your machine anymore, which unnecessarily eats lots of RAM (memory) to slow it down. This has been started by 3 people (all Standfordians where I will be one day too :)) and still in alpha phase but the concept is very good and implementaton is mmwwaaaahhhhhh!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Everybody Hates Chris!!

Google came out with new way to show their videos which is really awesome. Not only the quality and presentation is good, this gives us glimpse of google tv, which was in news last week.

Well i watched the episode and liked the irony and satire used to show the life in US in 80's where there was a huge divide between whites and blacks. I will say i have seen this kind of discrimation when I used to ride T in Boston. Some whites still don't prefer to sit beside black. I was shocked to see that scene which will last in my memory for long.

I will watch out for next episode of "Everybody Hates Chris" and at the same time wait for

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Rita and Gas prices!!

Well, finally Rita didn't do that much damage as it was hyped and expected. Its good that it didn't do that much destruction as it was talked about.

I feel, sometimes , let me correct myself, everytime most of the things are hyped and much talked about in US of A and surprisgingly (for others) after affects are minimal. To me, it seems they get something to talk about or show in all the news rather than showing someone's dog escaped after eating neighbour's cat.

Good part nothing major happened, but still it did kept all the refineries closed and obviously tomorrow or day after I will see the rise in gas price.

Whatever is going to happen, it will happen.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Waiting for my dream date to dine with me in this undersea resturant

Where are you? I am still waiting! Come on now, don't tease me, I will take you to this undersea resturant.

When you read this and (feel hungry :)), let me know so that I can come to pick you!

Play and learn about my profession!!

This guy from Braintree MA, made a board game to make people understand Computer Programming(here it is C langauge).

Click here.

It occured many times with me some one asking about my profession and after i explain them they just superfically nod and pretend to understand it or sometimes gave me weird look as if they are sorry for me. Games like this are good for such people to understand about computer programming.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lets do WiFi securely through Google Secure Access

Today, google came out with a beta version of wireless secure access. This will protect our Wireless connection by encrypting the data which we send/recieve over the net.

This is working and being under test in SFO bay area in Union square.

Well done google. The way they come out with some quality and unique product makes them more lovable.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Concept of burning man!

Every man is burning? No no every women is burning??

Well burning man is an event organised in desert and I was reading about it here.

There are lots of pictures and the event seems interesting and well I being Nevadian I can atleast think of it as interesting.

Few pictures which i got from there.

Won't it be fun to come to desert and party like this.

My 27th Birthday! (Celebrated in Bay Area)

Hey i am finally 27 !! (ALAS) hey I am only 27 !! (Joyous)

Two way of saying the same thing and putting it into effect to hide your age.

I am not very conventional person who is scared to reveal his age and at the same time not scared to ask female her age. (Many people think its a bad habit to ask this question and I consider them of very sterotype natured people).

Well I had a blast on my birthday -->
The day started with me going to Lord Ganesh Temple (I went to temple after 20 months, last I went to some temple was in India). It was really good feelinig to see many people worshipping and gossiping. This was followed by showing San Francisco to my friends who came from India and working in Infosys. Here we went to see Bay Model which is a biggest model i have seen in my entire life.

Then in the evening we went to play "DANDIYA", traditional Indian dance performed during 9 day (night) festival called Navratri. Samir, Vivek Shinde, Harshad and Saurav all enjoyed that dance. This was organised in Hayward, CSU gym building.

As decided we went to club for dancing after we were done with Dandiya. We didn't got much there as clubs got closed there at around 1:30 AM. After strolling in SFO streets for a while we reached home at around 3:00 AM and went to bed.

The next day we finally got a chance to have "Samosa from Nilgiris" on El Camino in Sunnyvale. All of us had enjoyed that and we wanted to watch "Bollywood" movie. So we went to Fremont to watch much talked about movie i..e. Salam Namaste and I was happy to know that everyone liked it. It was value for time and money, both Saif AIi Khan and Priety Zinta acted well and presented this hilarious love store wonderfully.

Again the most boring phase i.e. driving back to Reno. But since Harshad and Sourav were there it was like three person getting bored than one personal :) well its always good to have some company while you are driving and they both were good companions.

Tomorow back to work and talk with computer and ask him to do more for me.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Finally friday afternoon!

Waited for friday when started work on monday and finally here it is.

Solving bugs during weekdays and mostly releasing build on friday makes you feel, well dude you have done something.

Tonight there is dandiya in bay area and i want to go there and blast but can't. As i don't like to drive alone for 4 hrs (one way). The incentive is they have dandiya or garba tomorrow night also.

Well we have cricket match on sunday and compensate dandiya I will party here in Reno.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dell Inspiron 600m battery blinking when it should not!

My love for IBM thinkpad is increasing day by day when i work with my dell laptop.

Right now I have a problem with my battery and its indicator light. Once my battery got low and my laptop switched off or hibernated and even after plugging ac power the indicator was blinking with red light showing low battery. The strange thing here is it was still charging my battery. Even if it is 100% charged or on ac power it was still indicating as low power.

The solution which works sometime is discharging it completely, taking out the battery and again putting it back was sometimes working for me and the low battery indicator was behaving as expected but if i again take out the ac power and if that stage reaches where it will again be low power and switched off/hibernated then the same problem arises.

Now i am thinking that the probing method which is finding the battery status and indicating the light to glow red or green must be reading wrong status.

To verify this I will need to replace the exact same battery and find out. I will do this today as one of my friend has the same configuration inspiron laptop i.e. 600m i will be able to detech where exactly the problem is and then i can do real diagnosis.

Unforgettable Yosemite Trip

It was great utilzation of long weekend. Well i can say it was really labor. Labor to drive and drop everyone, pick everyone , arrange stuff and so on.

Nevertheless, it was one of the great trip I had in recent times. It all started with picking up friends from airport. Since Ashu was coming to Sacramento which is 2 hr drive from Reno, i had to go there to pick him and that was really a big pain. Thankfully my friend Rahul, was here who picked other friends of mine who came from LA. My friends from Salt Lake City had arrived first followed by Vinay and Vivek from LA. Then at last Samir and Vivek (Shinde) reached at my place around 12. Except Samir rest of them decided to go for casino hopping. Samir was tired and dramatic as usuau :) I got little lost in Sacramento while finding airport and finally reached there and picked Ashu who was also tired and worn out by the flight from Baltimore.

I arrived at 1:30 and after eating some bite at home, i waited for Vinay's call to pick him and bring them back. By the time I brought them back, my salt lake city friend were back and slept already. It as 4:00 am and we all crashed, deciding what we will do on saturday.

We started late from my home for Lake tahoe and finally reached there at about 2:00. Then we all had mexican lunch and again went for couple of beaches in lake tahoe. During long weekend all the beaches are jam packed and you got to see all the beautiful things.

Then we started for yosemite around 5:30 and after long drive of 5-6 hrs crossing the Tioga pass we reached to our destination. We had rented a camp, and it was really great not it the sense of comfort level as we get in 5 start hotel, but it was awesome camp. We had booked 2 camps and each of them had 3 beds. Interestingly at the reception we have been shown video of bear in Yosemite and their hunger for food. Bear usually come to your camp, car or say anywhere where they can smell food and devour eat. We had food with us to eat there and after seeing bear's video some of us were really scared as all the neighbouring camps very dark as it was already 11:30 and people were sleeping. But we managed to eat food without sharing it bear. After 9:00 you don't get woods from the mananged otherwise we could had lighted fire and sat for a while. Well then we decided to sleep and see yosemite's point next day. Samir, Vinay and Vivek S decided to sleep togather and me , Ashu and Vivek G were in other camp. That was good because i didn't thought that Samir can be that much of a trouble in night, he was damn scared by the thought of bear that he was constantly nagging Vinay and Vivek S for water, cold, etc.

Next morning we got early and few of us had shower there and all of us had morning procedure followed by a breakfast. Then we stared our way to small falls which was smal water fall where u can go very near. It was good hike and place was full of boulders, so reaching to the fall was really fun. Me and ashu had a shower in the fall and Samir and Vivek S had their hands wet with the water. It was really great experience, taking shower under water fall.

After small fall we started our way to Glacier point in Yosemite, it was at 8000 ft altitude and the view from there was really spectacular. While coming back we have gone to big tree site where the trunk of the trees were almost 10-15 feets. After doing this we all had a food and started our way back to Samir's place. We reached at this place at about 11 and all of us were damn tired to do anything.

Then last day was reserved for Samir's move to new apartment and Vinay, Ashu and Vivek G will go to Alcatraz and other SFO sites. They didn't got alcatraz ticket as it was full by the visitors on long weekend. Then did cruise in the bay under the Golden gate. Samir, me and Vivek S helped Samir to move all his crap to the new apartment. Finally we met the group in SFO at around 3:30 and had a delicious Indian food at the market street in SFO.

We passes some time in SFO downtown and then decided to wrap up this trip. Samir was about to drop Vinay who had a flight at 8:00 PM and I was about to drop Ashu at Sacramento who had a flight time at 8:52. I drove like crazy in 90-100's and was able to drop Ashu on time i.e. 8:30 when i dropped him I got a call from Vinay saying he missed his flight by 2 minutes. But since he and Vivek G had to go to Los Angeles only they were able to get the next flight early in the morning. They stayed at Vivek's place during night. I dropped Ashu and had a coffee in the service area and started my drive back to Reno which was very boring and tiring. I reache to my place at around 11:10 and had to clean the rental car before returning it.

Thanks to my friend Aditya (from Reno) who came to pick me at the airport. Finally the day and the unforgettable Yosemite trip ended with me crashing after reaching home and having some food.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Sania Mania Rocking in New york

India's emeging tennis star "Sania Mirza" is shining brightly in New York. She is ranked 42nd now and this 18 year old star has more glory to see.

I saw her last month when she was playing in Standford as it is near to my place and I was visiting my friend there and I was simply amazed by watching her game. Previously I thought she has lots of barriers to cross to become known in this tennis world and being from a country where Cricket is the festival sport and commonly played in every street and avenues in India. But she has played superbly there and now also she is playing great and bringing laurels to India in this game.

Youngsters in India should get inspired by such a sportsman, as India is a billion people country there are plenty of talented people in different skills but just they need is encouragment, determiniation to DO IT and learn from past mistakes.

Sania is in her 4th round here in US open and might play against Sharapova, it should be good contest. I wish i were in NYC at this time.

All the best to Sania!

Yosemite's trip !

Finally long weekend is there and I am waiting for my friends to reach here in Reno. This time it will be great get togather of my friends from my work place in India, friends from School and friends i met in US. These friends of mine are coming from LA, Salt Lake City, Sunnyvale and San Jose.

As per our plan we will spend friday night in Reno, saturday in lake tahoe and there will do some water sports activities like jetski, parasailing etc. Then will head to our destination i.e. Yosemite and will stay there in a camp which we have already booked. Then after spending sunday afternoon there we will head to bay area and explore San Francisco in the night. On monday we will rest in my friend's place in sunnyvale and go for delicious Indian food.

On monday then we all will leave back for our home and i will drop a friend of mine who is coming from Baltimore.

I m excited to meet all my friends tonight.

More on this trip later.