Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shopping and searching deals online

There are thousand ways to spend money and shopping by finding the best deals would be ideal who really want to buy something and boost the economy (while it will be very small contribution ) but what the heck!!!

I usually use few shopping sites like







I recently came across Dealsshoppie and found it interesting.

  • It has very clean user interface and items are categorized which makes it finding items little simpler.
  • It provides review link next to item.
I found it lacking the following, considering a website in web 2.0 era

  • If reviews shows rank beside the item itself it will prompt users to read the reviews
  • A blog to communicate with the users. In addition it can have a post about deal which is really deal comparing to other websites
Above points can be easily ignored as this site is still in infancy but they seem to be in the process of adding more (r)etailers to their database. I hope to see it competing with other biggies in next few months and will definitely keep an eye on it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Steve Jobs finally stepping down from CEO position

Steve Jobs Apple's CEO is finally stepping down from CEO position. He is taking Leave of Absence (LoA) till June 2009.

In his absence Tim Cook will be taking over and will be responsible for day to day job.

Apple stock's AAPL trading halted in after hours today and market is speculating an opening price around $75.00