Sunday, September 14, 2008

Delhi Blasts - Movie "A Wednesday" and "Mumbai Meri Jaan"

September 13th 2008 - A very dark and bloody red day in Indian history. This weekend was very dreadful for people in India and particularly those living in metropolis. There were five blasts in the crowded area of New Delhi and it took lives of 40+ innocent people and injured more than 100+ people.

This completed the mission "BAD" i.e. Bangalore, Ahmadabad and Delhi for the terrorist organization i.e. Indian mujahideen
This year India has witnessed 3-4 blasts and must have killed more than 500 people. Indian mujahideen took the responsibility for these blasts in Delhi.

How can India (Indian Government) not do anything to these kind of organizations, when they are openly sending an email "In the name of GOD and blah blah"....and claiming responsibility?

I have seen couple of Bollywood movies recently

1) Mumbai Meri Jaan - Very nice movie and amazing acting by the starcast (Kay Kay, Paresh Rawal, Mahadhavan, Soha Ali Khan).

This movie is about Mumbai Blasts of 2006 i.e. all these blasts happened in the metro train (local trains) in Mumbai. This movie has depicted the fear which is constantly there in people's mind after the blast, how news media use it to increase their TRP, how people started making fake calls about bombs everywhere and shown anger by extremists towards any religion.

I would highly recommend to watch this movie.

2) A Wednesday - Awesome movie. A must watch movie. This movie is about how someone can stand against terrorism and show to government (specially police department) that even common man can deal with this terrorism.

This movie has two very good actors from Bollywood Industry. Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher have given best of their performance in this movie. This movie revolves around releasing 4 very dangerous terrorist. This movie tried to convey an awakening message to common man in India and at the same time conveyed the power of common man to terrorist organization.

Both the above mentioned movies gives a glimpse of new Indian Cinema. New directors are coming out with realistic scripts and they are starring these great actors to show real picture about life after terrorist act in India.

India has population of 1.2 billion and people go out quite often and most do during weekend. This terrorist organizations are successful in creating this terror and constant fear in common man's life when they go out to watch movie, sight seeing, mall, grocery or just to do some shopping. This is what they want? Why kill innocent people? People behind this kind of attack should be punished and it should be lesson for any other organization who are conspiring anything like this anywhere.

It will take few months before this fear goes away from people's life in India.
In no time we might watch a movie called "Delhi Meri Jaan" or "A Saturday"