Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hillary says "I am JOYFUL"

I was going through some vidoes and found this video where Republican candidate Hillary Clinton's laughs at almost everything :)

Check this out.


Monday, October 08, 2007

Homeless people are Fashion Conscious!!

I went to city (San Francisco) on Saturday night along with my friends (two of them) and parked my car on the street.

I didn't notice what my friends wore (they wore winter jackets on top of shirt and tee-shirt) that night and both of them left their jacket in the back seat (no one likes to pay for coat check-in). I found a free street parking and I was totally unaware that I am keeping these stuff in the back seat of my car and my car is in area where plenty of homeless people live in the city.

When I returned to the place where I have parked my car after partying, I went to the driver's side to check my phone (i forgot my phone in the car) and i said "Thank God" its there. From the other side my friend tells me "Dude somebody broke the window glass of your car and they have stolen my jacket". I was like Oh #$%& !!

Then I looked there and there was one jacket lying there and all the glass on the rear seat. One of my buddy says, "It was my Xpress winter Jacket" and I was like "were u guys wearing jacket and you left it in car"...The other friend's jacket was real cheap one (from Walmart i guess). So the thief took only the Xpress jacket and nothing else from my car (there was GPS, cell phone, CD Player and another jacket).

Well to put in in light way he/she was very fashion conscious :) and took only the quality stuff by which he won't be tracked (cell phone and GPS can be tracked) and must have thought that by selling that jacket he/she will get some money. Or because winter is starting and he/she genuinely needs winter clothing.

I think, if someone would have asked me or warned me he/she needs winter clothing, i would have happily given my spare sweaters and jackets (which are good and i don't use it). But the world is not that straight and people like easy means to do.

So now the quarter glass of my car is broken and today i went to inquire about the estimate to fix it. And to my surprise I found that glass will cost only $35 but the labor for that is $190 (which is ridiculous). This was from Toyota Service Center. Now I will have to find some better place to fix this (I will post solution after fixing it).
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Friday, October 05, 2007

Election and Pledges

I was reading about the Caucus round 2 in New Hampshire and here is the small snippet from the radio ad about Tax Pledge by Mitt Romney (A republican candidate)-

"When I’m president, for every middle class American, the new tax rate on your interest, dividends, and capital gains will be absolutely zero."

Do we see this happening anytime in future? This seems to be too good to be true and one can infer very easily practically analyzing it that this is total BS!!

Few days back i had a discussion with my friend about paying taxes (eventually in 401K) and she was completely against paying taxes. Some false promises like above can definitely make some people (like my friend ) happy.

Books - Sales and Marketting and Business Life

I would like to read the following two books

First one is about sales and marketing and second one is about the life of a laid off employee at the age of 60 who joins starbucks and works there.

Books on sales and marketing fall into two categories:

1. Books that tell you the right way to do sales and marketing.

2. Books that tell you lots of good ways to do sales and marketing and how to choose the right approach for your particular situation.

Selling the Wheel is an example of the latter.

About "How Starbucks Saved My Life" i heard good things.

My review after I am done with these books.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Important Message!!

I found this interesting picture

from this site http://m3.bestpicever.com/piles/?s=shopliftdrug

This pictures reminds me of many people whom I have met in my life.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Free Live Cricket - India vs Australia

Watch 2nd ODI (One day International) between India and Australia live from Kochi India for free


Download SOPCast and then user IE and you will be all set.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Randy Pausch - last lecture from Carnige Mellon University

One of the best lecture I have seen/heard recently

So many good things to take from this lecture.