Friday, October 28, 2005

My company is Tripolile and my product name is geotag-based email via bittorrent

Well this is a satire on Web 2.0 stuff which is bubbling in the IT market for the last few months.

Web Two Point Oh!
is a site that will generate “a pre-created VC friendly Web 2.0 company just for you!”. My company is “Tripolile” and my product is "geotag-based email via bittorrent".

Enjoy launching your company and product too!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bunch of start ups and really cool products

Today there were flood of launches of really cool web 2.0 products in the market.

VideoEgg is about publishing video to your blogs, website etc. It accepts video in any format and stores in their server and when published it will be viewed as a flash video. Right now time limit of each video clip can be upto 2 mins.

Wink is a new search engine which combines user input and world-class search to provide fresh, accurate search results. Its about power of the Web to leverage user participation, and to spread knowledge. The service is currently in private beta, and growing fast!

Waxmail is the plugin for outlook (sadly only outlook) to record voice messages which can be send as an attachment with the email.

Kaboodle Kaboodle is a free social bookmarking service. Its usefulness is realized particularly for certain types of stuff like bookmarking ecommerce content.

Riya leverages potent facial and text recognition technology with an intelligent interface to help people make sense of the thousands of untitled and untagged photos that are building up on their hard drives or on the web. More about this can be read here

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Google base

Google will be coming with this new service which will allow users to post data on their centralized server which can be shared by others online for free. The same data will appear on google's main search index listing and at other google services (google local and froogle, depending on its relevance)

Lets see how does web community reacts to this as many wants to share things and many does not.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thanks to neural activity patterns!!

I have discussed this with many friends why don't i quit this, why don't you quit that, why does she is like this, why does anyone does anything and so on.

Today people in MIT has found out reasons for the above

Aren't we thankful to our neural activity patterns which stays in our brain ! As it has lots of positives also. When people changes way to do certain things. When know from their experience or infact neural patterns what will be good and what will be bad.

Alright enough for today. (Look use of neural patterns)

Blogging with Flock

Finally flock's preview version is out and I am using that to blog at It has the facility to configure any blog server and I can edit my post whenever i can. Isn't it cool.

I am exploring other features of it like feeds (RSS and ATOM), importing favorites, tagging etc and will try to contribute something to it.

Alright back to work.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tranzverge for connecting to anywhere from anywhere!!

I was reading about this software and its seems cool to have such a software which will allow its users to contact anyone from any device (palm, desktop, cell etc). Well its not an innovation in itself it is just using existing technologies and collaborating them.

Click here to learn more about it.

Waiting for it to come to know about their revenue model (they do have pro and total version of the same software for which they are going to charge), its money which matters at the end of the day.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

How to mend a broken heart and move on !!

Drink alcohol, sleep alcohol and eat alcohol..this is what a coward does.
Cry in the morning....cry in the evening ...cry in the noon this is what a coward does.
Run away from Relationship....this is what a coward does.

There are ways to move on and how to mend your broken heart. Few of the tips mentioned here can be helpful (I know many person knows most of things from these but they don't implement and accept it :))

Enjoy reading those tips!


Social browser...make your own social browsing website using Ning sharing with nice visuals using slide ...meebo for single login ...etc are evolving and every other day you see a new cool product emerging from either silicon valley (most of the time) or from some other places.

Sometimes I feel, I should had made something with what I have thought about rather than keeping within onself...but one thing is there you are never late for anything...

Someday my product will b there in the market too!!

Well I am eagerly waiting for flock as it is being developed by the same people who has made firefox. (I hope you guys know what firefox is) if not go to google and make a search and download it and use it thereafter.