Monday, December 22, 2008


Noel - Merry Christmas

This weekend we went to Vasona Lake County Park to see Christmas lights i.e. Fantasy of Lights located in Los Gatos in bay area. Following are the few images and many of these had animation associated with it

1) Volcano
2) Dinosaur Den
3) Santa shoots the hoops
4) Skating bear
5) Tunnel of lights
6) Penguins at play
7) Happy the fisherman
8) Santa sled and 3 reindeer
9) Pirate ship and cannon
10)Booming cannon

It is very pleasing to look red and white colors everywhere including logos in web haven i.e. Google

and Meebo

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Health Care System - Kaiser Permanente (Redwood City Doctor) Sucks!!

I am not going to talk about ever existing health care system problems which are faced by someone or the other. We all know the existing problem about not following open health care system in USA. Today I will scribe about the height of materialistic doctors who practice in USA pretending to treat PATIENTS.

Recently I had scheduled my annual medical check up visit with my primary physician (pp) (now former) Doctor named S******* G***** K*** MD at Kaiser Permanente Redwood City bay area.

In last two years I have visited this hospital twice and this was my first annual medical checkup with my PP.

My appointment was at 9:30 AM and I reached there at 9:28 AM, I was called inside at 9:37 AM and after initial checkup by the nurse I went to my PP's room at 9:41 AM. There comes my former doctor and as usual introduction and how are you doing stuff. She was unable to start her system, so she said i will jot down things on paper and will enter this data later. After few questions and doing some examination

She: Okay we are done. I have other appointment now. We can't talk about anything else now.

Me: Today I have appointment and I am supposed to discuss all the problems with you.

She: You were scheduled for 20 minutes. Each visit is 20 minutes and I have already spoken with you for that long.

Me: I was never told that this appointments are of 20 minutes. And you have not listened to all my problems and have not provided any solution.

She: No I can't do this I have other appointment. You can come at some other time.

Me: Oh c'mon you can't do like this.

She: Okay I will try to accommodate you sometime at 12:00 noon or in the afternoon.

Me: Look Doctor, as you have your work, I do have mine and I have to go to work as well( "mein vaella baitha hoon na :("). Today I have scheduled this appointment and I would like to get examined and diagnosed completely.

She: Okay give me a minute and let me check out whether my other patient is already in or not. I will come back in one minute.

She comes back in 3 minutes and with a shameless smile

She: oh that patient is not here yet now tell me about your problem.

Me: Good for me.

And then I discussed some other stuff with her. Before leaving i told her

Me: Next time onwards I won't be interested in answering questions like "how am i, what do I do etc." and won't be interested in knowing "how are you and so on". I am concerned about my health and that's why I schedule my appointment with you.

I didn't like my experience with Dr. K***i and that's why she is now my former doctor. She is not at all professional and highly materialistic. Oh give me a break, being a doctor you first responsibility is to look and take care of your existing patient and then start thinking about your next patient (who is not in yet). Earning more money is not an issue here but how you treat your patients and how you deal with them is shameful.

So I presume the system is like this --> more patients you serve in a day more money you will earn. Money drives the way they treat their patients. Further Doctor's like her cribs about medical practices in India/US. I like doctors in India, I have never heard in 23 years from any of my doctor that they are done and have to look at other patients.

Similarly my friend who have visited this hospital they got the same answer for 5 times

"I can't say what is wrong" --> How did they get MD's degree?
"Please take ibuprofen for this" --> for all problem solution is the same

Health Care System Sucks Big Time!!
Rating for Kaiser Permanente's Doctor K***i = 0 (negative also works for me)


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Google started monetizing Google Finance

Google has started looking for ways to monetize it's other products apart from ubiquitous search product.

Now we can see advertisements in Google Finance .

Well it's a good strategy for Google to start making money from other products apart from search, at the same time it raises question about the slow down in advertisement revenue. They have started displaying advertisement from this week and this is after approximately 2-3 years of it's launch.

After few months we might see banner ads and side advertisements in Google Finance as we do in Yahoo Finance .

I am waiting to see they doing the same in other products (Google docs, GOOG-411 and so on).

Thursday, November 06, 2008

What's wrong with the most liberal state of USA - Proposition 8 CA passed

Yesterday was a big day in the history of United States of America when Mr. Barack Obama was elected as a 44th president. Congratulations to him and Democratic Party and all his supporters.

It was equally disappointing day for group of people GLGays and Lesbians in California as proposition 8 passed. Proposition 8 bans the marriage between same sex couple. Here is the break down of the votes based on number of categories i.e. sex, age, income, race, education, ideology and so on. When i discussed this with my wife, she said atleast 20% of the voters must not have understood the proposition i.e. this proposition will ban same sex marriage {so you have to be fair to this group of people and vote No i.e. against this proposition}.

This is big blow to gays and lesbians as it is completely against the principle of fairness in this very democratic country. This proposition is stripping gay couples from their right to marry i.e. let them live the way they want. These group of people should be allowed to make their own choice i.e. no one should dictate to whom they should get married. This is purely wrong done by the voters of California.

If things like this are allowed that day is not far when a new proposition will be passed to ban marriage between different races!!

Come on Californians FIGHT for it and be fair to everyone.

Monday, November 03, 2008

My vote - Election 2008, CA Propositions

We should have a new bill in USA congress for allowing immigrants (H, B, L, K, J and so on) to vote virtually over the net(if not physically). Well immigrants are subject to taxation (Federal, State, Social and Medicare) which is same as citizens so not voting power. That will be ideal Democracy. I can go over this for hours but the point of this post is to vote for the election (no matter if it is not counted)

John MacCain ===> No
Barrack Obama ===> Yes

When the whole US is concentrating on United States presidential election 2008, California state has it's State Election 2008

There will be twelve propositions too on the ballot paper. With the same clause as above and being Californian I am voting here.

Proposition 1A Yes

Proposition 2 Yes

Proposition 3 Yes

Proposition 4 No

Proposition 5 Yes

Proposition 6 Yes

Proposition 7 Yes

Proposition 8 No

Proposition 9 No

Proposition 10 Yes

Proposition 11 Yes

Proposition 12 No

Let see how my voting fairs in this year's election.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Delhi Blasts - Movie "A Wednesday" and "Mumbai Meri Jaan"

September 13th 2008 - A very dark and bloody red day in Indian history. This weekend was very dreadful for people in India and particularly those living in metropolis. There were five blasts in the crowded area of New Delhi and it took lives of 40+ innocent people and injured more than 100+ people.

This completed the mission "BAD" i.e. Bangalore, Ahmadabad and Delhi for the terrorist organization i.e. Indian mujahideen
This year India has witnessed 3-4 blasts and must have killed more than 500 people. Indian mujahideen took the responsibility for these blasts in Delhi.

How can India (Indian Government) not do anything to these kind of organizations, when they are openly sending an email "In the name of GOD and blah blah"....and claiming responsibility?

I have seen couple of Bollywood movies recently

1) Mumbai Meri Jaan - Very nice movie and amazing acting by the starcast (Kay Kay, Paresh Rawal, Mahadhavan, Soha Ali Khan).

This movie is about Mumbai Blasts of 2006 i.e. all these blasts happened in the metro train (local trains) in Mumbai. This movie has depicted the fear which is constantly there in people's mind after the blast, how news media use it to increase their TRP, how people started making fake calls about bombs everywhere and shown anger by extremists towards any religion.

I would highly recommend to watch this movie.

2) A Wednesday - Awesome movie. A must watch movie. This movie is about how someone can stand against terrorism and show to government (specially police department) that even common man can deal with this terrorism.

This movie has two very good actors from Bollywood Industry. Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher have given best of their performance in this movie. This movie revolves around releasing 4 very dangerous terrorist. This movie tried to convey an awakening message to common man in India and at the same time conveyed the power of common man to terrorist organization.

Both the above mentioned movies gives a glimpse of new Indian Cinema. New directors are coming out with realistic scripts and they are starring these great actors to show real picture about life after terrorist act in India.

India has population of 1.2 billion and people go out quite often and most do during weekend. This terrorist organizations are successful in creating this terror and constant fear in common man's life when they go out to watch movie, sight seeing, mall, grocery or just to do some shopping. This is what they want? Why kill innocent people? People behind this kind of attack should be punished and it should be lesson for any other organization who are conspiring anything like this anywhere.

It will take few months before this fear goes away from people's life in India.
In no time we might watch a movie called "Delhi Meri Jaan" or "A Saturday"

Monday, August 04, 2008

Cheapest VOIP calls to India

I have tried different calling cards/VOIP providers in last few years and following is the list of cheapest VOIP providers for calling to landline/mobile in India.

CompanyLandline (USD)*Mobile (USD)*
SMSDiscount 0.043 0.043
CallEasy 0.034 0.034
VoipRaider 0.042 0.048
Intervoip 0.038 0.038
Nonoh 0.051 0.051
Freecall 0.026 0.026
Webcalldirect 0.034 0.051

Note (*) ==> Rates are including VAT (Most of these companies are betamax companies and based in Europe where customers have to pay VAT)

All of these companies have web based interface to make calls from browsers. All of them have local access number (so that we can call locally which is free for us and we can use our mobile minutes if no local call facility available)

If you come to know about other VOIP providers please leave that in the comment below and I will add it.

Hope this helps!!

Update: Added couple of new VOIP service provider and as of today FreeCall is the best considering rates.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Double data type in Java and C++

In Java when we parse double value we will be able to parse values in the range 1.79E308 to -1.79E308. If we try to parse double value beyond this range we get infinity.

To parse any value beyond this range in Java we can use BigDecimal data type.

So to handle values beyond the above mentioned range use BigDecimal data type.

Well in most of the real life scenarios it's hypothetical to go beyond this range but QA (quality assurance)people will test your code for this.

In C++ we don't have BigDecimal data type, so it's a limitation of C++ to parse values beyond this range. Either you can throw exception or log an information about the support provided by your software or document the same.

Other way to handle this is to parse input value as String with some checks (decimal, grouping, no alphabets, only digits etc) and returning it as string. [This is possible when you don't have to do further calculation using this value in C++ but have java component on the other side to calculation]

Sunday, April 27, 2008

How lending industry works!! Reasons for 2008 subprime crisis !! Mortgage rates going up

Fed is meeting next week and street is speculating quarter point cut. In spite of cut in interest ruts mortgage rates are going up. (30 year fixed is shooting more than 6%)

When I was researching about investments by banks and some hedge fund came across this excellent cartoon

Understand Subprime Crisis

Few reasons why mortgage is going up:

1) Investors are not that much inclined to Mortgage Backed Securities (CDO's) and are fleeing away from it.

2) Lenders are more cautious to whom they are lending. No more zero down.

3) Lenders are trying to leverage this situation by overcharging new home buyers and trying to offset their losses in subprime.

General consensus is such that, housing market will go down further, so wait for some more time before plunging into it.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

One month new (its not old) wedding day!!

“one month new wedding day” sounds little odd but much better but who cares!! (atleast we don’t period) This is a right time to add some more stuff to our wedding site.

Its been a month from my wedding day. Married life is fun and going great (Thats what people are asking me now a days).

Anu (my lovely wife) has uploaded our wedding album. There were more than 700 pics and we have selected some of them and have categorized it into three galleries i.e. Sangeet Sandhya, Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception.

Dipesh And Anubha Wedding Album

In coming weeks we will post videos where we have danced on different tunes.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You are all invited!!

Well this is not a beta (or alpha) invite for my company or some other web 2.0 product company, this is an invite for my Wedding which is on 9th March 2008.

So I am introducing a new member here (well many of friends know her), please welcome Anubha (Anu) Bhardwaj and visit our wedding website to know more about us.

I wasn't able to write for the last few months as I was completely busy talking with my love and sweetheart and planning our wedding.

I have plenty of good stuff to write which I will write after I come back from India.

Till then enjoy!!