Monday, August 22, 2005

How to Spell And Say My Name !

I was reading about mobile computing at Russell Beattie's blog and came across very interesting topic which i face almost everyday in my life.

Isn't it difficult to pronounce all the names (from all country) and not only Indian names.

I had a real hard time to listen my last name spelled correctly by non Indian people. As it involves many k's (3 to be precise) and many h's (3 to be precise) and two a's and further repition of "kh", lets try it out.


My last name is something which clear's person's throat by making him cough a litte :). You try it out it will clear yours.

Now if we dissect it, it is not difficult to pronounce. Take first four letters and it will same as "SHAKH" so it is "KHAKH" and followed by "KHAR" as in "LHAR".

I understand everybody makes mistake in spelling person's name. I do it many times and i don't expect anyone to be perfect in spelling person's name in one shot. I tell people here to just forget it as its out of their reach and just call me by my first name.

Sometimes it happened that many had pronounced my first name incorrectly as people have tendency to pronounce "i" as "i" and not "e" and vice-versa. Isn't english a funny language. They pronounced my first name as Dipesh (as is diagonal) but actually it is Dipesh(as in Deep).

Well this is enough dissection of my name. But i saw that post on Russell's blog so thought to put it here.

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observateur_silencieux said...

HAHAH.. this is funny... considering i have a very shory last name... People in the west still mess it up!

You have a good blog here..