Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Social browser...make your own social browsing website using Ning sharing with nice visuals using slide ...meebo for single login ...etc are evolving and every other day you see a new cool product emerging from either silicon valley (most of the time) or from some other places.

Sometimes I feel, I should had made something with what I have thought about rather than keeping within onself...but one thing is there you are never late for anything...

Someday my product will b there in the market too!!

Well I am eagerly waiting for flock as it is being developed by the same people who has made firefox. (I hope you guys know what firefox is) if not go to google and make a search and download it and use it thereafter.

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nogobro said...

Actually, that's completely false. Flock is not being built by _any_ of the guys that created Firefox.

Flock was started by an ex-Mozilla employee who for a short time worked on Firefox marketing.

Not one person that was behind the creation or development of Firefox is involved in this Flock company.