Monday, April 17, 2006

Firefox memory consumption

Yesterday i have updated my Firefox to and after only one day I am tired of the way it is eating my CPU and memory. Have a look at this.

As you can see there are no tabs in the firefox instance still it is eating 90 MB of memory which is quite unusual. Further it has high affinity for CPU and on an average it is consuming it for 100%.

Is it me only or everyone is observing this behaviour.

I am now using IE very reluctantly but it is very true that it is very important to have less features and simple implementation instead of complex features with complex implementation.

Wake up Firefox !!

I found out today that it is not the new version of firefox which was eating my CPU and memory but some (WengoPhone, Loki and Sameplace) extensions which i had installed long back and have not updated. I have removed those extensions and my FF is working fine now.

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