Saturday, August 12, 2006

Snap - Another Search Engine

Snap another search engine in this heavily crowded search engine market. It is claiming that what is offered in market is not good or not what user wants to see and they are the one who have understood what user wants and provides them with fast, accurate and relevant results.

They have mentioned in their site that all big search engines use Text-In Text-Out method for searching and usually end user ends up with the following experience

1. Type a keyword into a search box and hit enter
2. Wait a bit, then
3. get a list of 20 or so text results split into non-paid and sponsored links
4. Proceed to decipher each link and excerpt (does this site have what I’m looking for? Is it spam?)
5. Click on a link and go to the site. If you’re lucky, that’s it.
6. But most of us aren’t lucky, so you go back to your results page and begin the process again.
7. And repeat as often as needed for as long as your patience can muster. (Most searchers don’t get off the first page of results, even though we’re comforted that there are millions of results for some of our queries…)
8. If this doesn’t yield the result you’re looking for, you probably go back to the original query and try a new modification.
9. And repeat the process again as needed.

And their search engine is different in the following way

  • Quick visual dispaly of results preview. (On mouse over ajax request or on key down or on select ajax request and getting data in right pane

  • Activity anticipating user's intent (Autocomplete on keyup by sending ajax request on key up)

  • Direct interactivity with your search (As search result and web page contents are in two panes this can be achieved without much hassle)

  • Better relevance through successful past result (Implementing voting and ranking system taking user input

Well i don't feel providing such features can embrace scalability, relevant result and user satisfcation. First thing which they need to think about providing relevant result using some technique like page ranking, content filtering, using anchor text etc. Secondly and most importantly think about scalability. Big search companies have enough money and infrastructure in place which has allowed them to have their search engine scable over the period of time.

I would love to see how they grow from where they are now. All the best to them.

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