Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mother's Day Gift - Free CoPilot from Fogcreek Inc.

If you would like to get free software, go to on Sunday (05/13/2007) and a get free pass.

CoPilot is a software which allows you to connect to someone's computer (behind the router, firewall etc.) with ease and then you can work on your peer's computer as if you are working on yours. This is usually useful for remote assistance, fixing someone's computer ( i do get this request many times from my friends).

Fog Creek Software is a based in NYC and is owned by the notable blogger Joel Spolsky. He is distributing free pass on account of Mother's day to spread one of his product. This is really good tactic to market your product and let users try it. Similarly Tmobile customers can SMS (incoming and outgoing) for free for the whole day on account of the Mother's day.

Some other solutions for remote connection are VNC, remote desktop from Microsoft Corporation, Webex and so on.

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