Monday, August 04, 2008

Cheapest VOIP calls to India

I have tried different calling cards/VOIP providers in last few years and following is the list of cheapest VOIP providers for calling to landline/mobile in India.

CompanyLandline (USD)*Mobile (USD)*
SMSDiscount 0.043 0.043
CallEasy 0.034 0.034
VoipRaider 0.042 0.048
Intervoip 0.038 0.038
Nonoh 0.051 0.051
Freecall 0.026 0.026
Webcalldirect 0.034 0.051

Note (*) ==> Rates are including VAT (Most of these companies are betamax companies and based in Europe where customers have to pay VAT)

All of these companies have web based interface to make calls from browsers. All of them have local access number (so that we can call locally which is free for us and we can use our mobile minutes if no local call facility available)

If you come to know about other VOIP providers please leave that in the comment below and I will add it.

Hope this helps!!

Update: Added couple of new VOIP service provider and as of today FreeCall is the best considering rates.


Pramilla said...

I've been using a company called WQN for years now to call to both India and UAE. There are no taxes, fees, or equipment to set up. The quality is great and the rates are very competitive. They give FREE minutes to their customers all the time with special bonus offers. They also have a loyalty program that gives their customers up to 3000 FREE minutes every 6 months. I'm able to get lots of free minutes to call my destinations with great quality.

Check them out at

raju said...

Hi pramilla,
thanks for introducing wqn website but i am unable to find s/w as well as calling rates to india.
Can i know rates as well as how to buy this.

mobin said...

i have tried all of the company you mention. There is a company call smartviop which offers competitive rates as compared to those mentioned in the list.


Mohammedali said...

retes are half than here
Mohammedali Moscow