Monday, November 03, 2008

My vote - Election 2008, CA Propositions

We should have a new bill in USA congress for allowing immigrants (H, B, L, K, J and so on) to vote virtually over the net(if not physically). Well immigrants are subject to taxation (Federal, State, Social and Medicare) which is same as citizens so not voting power. That will be ideal Democracy. I can go over this for hours but the point of this post is to vote for the election (no matter if it is not counted)

John MacCain ===> No
Barrack Obama ===> Yes

When the whole US is concentrating on United States presidential election 2008, California state has it's State Election 2008

There will be twelve propositions too on the ballot paper. With the same clause as above and being Californian I am voting here.

Proposition 1A Yes

Proposition 2 Yes

Proposition 3 Yes

Proposition 4 No

Proposition 5 Yes

Proposition 6 Yes

Proposition 7 Yes

Proposition 8 No

Proposition 9 No

Proposition 10 Yes

Proposition 11 Yes

Proposition 12 No

Let see how my voting fairs in this year's election.

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