Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Online Movies Catalouge

If you need to maintain an online catalouge of movies which are

  • Your favorites

  • You want to see

  • Want to share it with others and link it to your blogs

use AJAXILICIOUS. Its very very simple to use, type the name of the movie and hit enter, it looks up in IMBD and populates the list of the movies matching the name you have entered. Then you can eitehr add it to your collection or view more details about the movie and then add it. You can later remove movies from your collection. Below is the screen shot after taken adding few movies in the list.

I would like it to have the following:
1) Giving your own rating or sharing rating with everyone and not use IMDB rating.
2) Categorize movies in the catelouge on the basis of years.
3) Tag information like director, actor, actress etc.

Lets hope it will incorporate more features in future.

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