Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My review of IE7

Writing after a long time and at this odd hour :)

Well, i was watching a song "Ab muje raat din" by Sonu Nigam on youtube using Firefox and there were many other tabs opened at the time. FF(firefox) 1.5 and higher consumes lot of memory and eats up my CPU time like anything. Today the same thing was featured in about slashdot Firefox memory leak.

It was caching lot of pages and because of that video rendering was very show and interruptive. I love tab browsing and since IE7 beta is available so i thought to put my hands on it and i did install it and started using it and found it a good browser over all.
Things which i have liked about IE7
1) Tabbed browser functionality.
2) It has print functionality which won't truncate page now.
3) Quick view tabs will show browser windows which are opened in tab in one page and user can select whichever he wants again to view in that page as a full page browser window. It allows to close them also.

4) Subscriting to RSS feed. A button gets enabled when the IE7 browser detects that the site has RSS feed subscription in it.
5) Filtering phising website either by putting it in the options or checking it onlilne everytime.
6) Most of the functionality can be accessed through toolbar buttons.(messengers, hello can be accessed)
7) They have put one button to add new tab with click. Well for computer savy this can be done by using control tab but for normal user they won't know the short cut and MS product always tries to make life simpler for others.
8) Adding addons to IE browser.

Things which IE7 beta is missing and which i will like it to have.

1) Error messages when something fails. I tried to upload the quick tabs window in bmp format which was 4.21 MB using IE it never told me whether it is able to get some error from the server (
2) Javascript error console, debugger etc.

Till now it seems good to me. I have installed it on my computer now, I will do the same at my work tommorow and check out more about it.

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observateur_silencieux said...

I'd love to come and see your computer one day just to see the amount of things you have installed in there!!!!

GEEZZZ! :) Oh well.. at least you know what you are talking about unlike some of us!