Monday, November 27, 2006

yahoo group - search server is busy

I was very very busy in some personal project and other things (I will write about that very soon) and now I guess I will have some time to write here.

Today I was looking in one of my subscribed groups in yahoo groups and after firing a search query, SEARCH SERVER gave me the result.

But after browsing through few more queries, when I tried to go to next page I got the following error message.

    This is first time i have ever got error from any search engine / groups etc. Many things can be observed from the the above.

  • The yahoo group's architecture runs different server for performing different task.

  • I am presuming that they must be running n number of servers to run one application (Yahoo groups in this case) and different components of this application runs on different server.

  • This gives us a idea how to write scalable application.

I will write more on scalable application and the way to deploy it later.

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