Thursday, December 14, 2006

Google Reader - Facelift, Updated, feature changes

I was list of blogs and today i have observed weird behaviors in the google reader. Even after reading some items it was not marking it as read. I have to refresh it few times and some of the times it was working and sometimes it was not.

When you click on the folders you have created, it shows the latest blog added in your reading list. I don't know why they are implementing this features, as previously there were showing the number of unread post and which was very obvious way to read individual post from the blogs. But now they are aggregating all the blogs and posts...arrrgg..

Well i will see what they will roll up in next release which will come up shortly as I am presuming that they must be testing new features now and that is why all these discrepancies. Further I can't blame and nobody can and that is the advantage of keeping your software in beta for a long time.

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