Saturday, January 07, 2006

My vegas trip!!

Well new year hasn't greeted me that well financially and didn't had any expectations too :)

It started with a bad note when we were driving to vegas from reno. Even after many people told me that they have got tickets when going to vegas, i was damn confident that I won't get ticket how so ever fast i drive on that two track road (yes without divider believe me). The cop was harsh too and he fined me 197 bucks for going on 82 on a road which has a limit of 70. I really felt bad about it, bcos losing in black jack, poker or roulette makes more sense or giving money in charity than giving it to Uncle SAM.

Then without being in the casino i was already down so i thought i will recover in casino and trust me i was doing great in black jack winning contiuously for 7 games. I was fabulous until the deal told me, haven't u started with 20 and made this much money and called me lucky guy. From that moment i started losting and i have lost 40 bucks with which i have started, i got up from that table and went to other one. There minimum deal was $15 bucks, my two or three lunch i guess. I was 60 up and thought to get up bcos i had recovered my 40 bucks which i had lost on other table but the damn greed could not allow me to get up, and ulitmately i lost another 60$. So with $100 down my friends suggested, not a good day for me to bet so they asked to go to some place and enjoy it in other way.

Then i had good party at one club in vegas and returned by cab (kept my car in hotel as it was new year's celebration there on the strip no cars were alloed and i didn't want to take risk). So after paying money to cab guy i forgot my cell phone in his cab. Well my bad luck didn't end there, my friends who were at some other place they did call me in the morning (ofcourse after partying in vegas i come to hotel in the morning, thats the ritual out there which i follow ) and cab driver picked up the phone and told my friend that i can call him after 12 pm and he will inform me were to meet and then he will deliver it. My dumb friend thought he will give it to me next day and he didn't bothered to wake me up in the hotel and inform me. He told me next day when i was ransacking the hotel suite and by that time i had called to my cell phone ten times and it was well before 12 pm. Ultimately i cursed my friend but in vain i had to bear that loss too but the good part was my contrat is ending on 7th and i am going for new cell phone and changing my carrier from verizon to tmobile.

Well next day again i tried my luck to recover part of my loss and same thing happend i lost 25 bucks and then i said, its enough to lose in one trip in one way or the other and i called it a day for my trip.

In this trip i didn't watch any shows since i had watches zumanity last time and getting tickets during that time of the year was really crazy.

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