Saturday, January 07, 2006

XM and Sirrius Satellite radios!

Haven't you heard of satellite radios? Com'on wake up, this is the next hyped thing after AJAX and web 2.0 which is stirring in market for the last few months.

Well both the company's are doing good and XM specially came out with sleek models in CES this year. Now we can store about 50 hrs of media (mp3, jpegs, shows etc). They came out this this model named XMtogo by pioneer.

It has 1 GB of memory in it and the screen's resolution is around 160 X 160 which is not that great but its okay. It has been integrated with napster to download music by tagging which ever songs you want to download. It claims 10 hrs of battery life for playback and 6 hours while recording some media, and comes with a car kit, home kit, and case with purchase.

Sirius on the other hand is catching up with XM. Howard stern is not like by plenty of people but he is adored by millions of them as i can say from statistics. This company is delivering good content and XM is spending on research.

Well lets see who wins the race! My money is on both of them :)

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