Thursday, January 19, 2006

I owe you !! No no, you owe me!

School days are great memory when you recall it. One of the most intriguing and troublesome task is sharing things with roommates. People usually share common stuff like food, drinks, electricity bill, phone bills etc. and keep a note of it in some paper or retain all the bills so whenever accounts are settled they refer to those old twisted paper and bills.

IOWEYOU has simplified this task by having online sharing calculator. Here it works in a group, users will be sharing it within a goup, each of the memeber of the group can log their expenses and view how much each of them owes to other. When you get paid by one of the user who was owing money to you, then you can log that too and it will be there in the record so that one can see how much he is spending.

This site is free to use and right now allows 5 free users in a group. It has really nice interface made using web 2.0 and good functionality which is needed by many. It has uses like when you go for some trip or plan some activity with bunch of friends where everybody is spending. It is accessible to them over the web and good way to settle account.


observateur_silencieux said...

Hey Dipesh..

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