Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Alternative to yahoo finance - Google finance

Google has launched tonight it's finance site which is a great alternative to MSN's and yahoo's finance site.

Google as usual does the same thing differently and in a much cleaner and better way. Google finance has the following features.

  • Search engine which is the most important forte of google is embedded in this product which can be used to get stock by their tickers, company name, sector name, specialization etc.

  • It stores your portfolio, you can add tickers to your portfolio. It imports tickers from your portfolio if you have created in your personalized google home page.

  • The chart is implemented in a very neat way (similar to google maps). You can drag your mouse on the chart and it will go backwards to those days. The new feature along with it is the news headline associated on those days changes along with your mouse movement. Very sleak implementation using AJAX.

  • It shows company facts, company summary , company financials, management, related companies and their stock prices, blog posts for that company, disucssion board and more resources. It provides users to start discussion on each of the stock provided the post abides all the rules laid out by google.

  • People will have more alternative than sticking to yahoo or msn or any other site.

The only thing which I would love to see here is real time quotes for free :)

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