Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Earn money to Talk!

Wait wait don't start blabbering, well who knows someone likes your blabbering also, so get paid to talk. When i say talk it is a talk in the form of consultancy, advices, skills which you sell like writing news column, writing blog, writing research for someone or doing homework for someone.

Check this out here. Here you can create your customer account.

Following are the steps for creating your sellers account. Right now only selected beta testers can have sellers account and rest will have customers account.

  • Sellers will get a toll free number like 1-888-my-ether with a unique 8 digit extension. So when customer call at this number it will be redirected to the contact number which a seller sets up during seller registeration. It can be home, office or cell number

  • Seller quotes his/her rate either on the basis of hour or minutes.

  • It allows seller to set call timings during which they will talk, so its upto them when do they want to provide their services. It will be easy to set timings either from web or from cell phone.

  • Next step is to publish your ether phone number whereever you want like blog, website, business card, school's notice board etc.

  • Get money when you recieve call from someone. When someone calls you they must have already paid money to you. Isn't it cool ! So talk with them and offer services to them. Money payment is through Ether and this is what is their business model. Sellers publish their services through Ether and ether charges customers 15% for the services offered through them by the service providers (sellers). 15% they are charging for setting up this infrastructure, a nice web.20 distributed application to use and convenience and effort put on to make this viable. Well it includes the charges they have to pay to the credit card company if customers uses credit card.

This application from Ether seems very promising and have great potential for on demand services to be provided by the people to the people through them.

Great work!

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