Thursday, March 02, 2006

Online Microsoft Office - ThinkFree

As we know that web2.0 is sweeping across the Internet with rich user interface application, here comes one more player ThinkFree who has integrated power of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Following are the features of OnlineThinkFree application:

  • It gives the power to the user to create new word, excel and powerpoint documents and save it in their folder, so that they can access it from anywhere, anytime.

  • It does allow user to create their own folder and organise their documents as per their need. It allows moving or copying of documents and folders.

  • It allows user to edit and modify these documents whenever needed.

  • It can upload documents in any of these formats.

  • Users can post their documents to their blog with one click.

  • Users can keep their document public or private.

Few more features like sending file and properties of the document will be implemented soon. This application takes some time initially to load or create new document as it interacts with JVM (Java Virtual Machine) installed on the system and creates some stuff in it. It uses JVM's cache functionality so that next time it loads application (word, powerpoint and excel) quickly.

Currently it is in beta version and allows user to create their account with 30 MB of free storage. This is a killer application, allowing user to live without having expensive software on their system. Users are not needed to upgrade their paid software on their machine instead use this kind of application wherein they can have almost the same advantages of desktop software.

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