Monday, September 19, 2005

My 27th Birthday! (Celebrated in Bay Area)

Hey i am finally 27 !! (ALAS) hey I am only 27 !! (Joyous)

Two way of saying the same thing and putting it into effect to hide your age.

I am not very conventional person who is scared to reveal his age and at the same time not scared to ask female her age. (Many people think its a bad habit to ask this question and I consider them of very sterotype natured people).

Well I had a blast on my birthday -->
The day started with me going to Lord Ganesh Temple (I went to temple after 20 months, last I went to some temple was in India). It was really good feelinig to see many people worshipping and gossiping. This was followed by showing San Francisco to my friends who came from India and working in Infosys. Here we went to see Bay Model which is a biggest model i have seen in my entire life.

Then in the evening we went to play "DANDIYA", traditional Indian dance performed during 9 day (night) festival called Navratri. Samir, Vivek Shinde, Harshad and Saurav all enjoyed that dance. This was organised in Hayward, CSU gym building.

As decided we went to club for dancing after we were done with Dandiya. We didn't got much there as clubs got closed there at around 1:30 AM. After strolling in SFO streets for a while we reached home at around 3:00 AM and went to bed.

The next day we finally got a chance to have "Samosa from Nilgiris" on El Camino in Sunnyvale. All of us had enjoyed that and we wanted to watch "Bollywood" movie. So we went to Fremont to watch much talked about movie i..e. Salam Namaste and I was happy to know that everyone liked it. It was value for time and money, both Saif AIi Khan and Priety Zinta acted well and presented this hilarious love store wonderfully.

Again the most boring phase i.e. driving back to Reno. But since Harshad and Sourav were there it was like three person getting bored than one personal :) well its always good to have some company while you are driving and they both were good companions.

Tomorow back to work and talk with computer and ask him to do more for me.


Red said...

thanks for your post :)

observateur_silencieux said...

Hey Happy Belated B'day.. and no I dont know you personally.. was just a random blog surfer who had to comment on the post about pronunciations of names!