Friday, September 02, 2005

Yosemite's trip !

Finally long weekend is there and I am waiting for my friends to reach here in Reno. This time it will be great get togather of my friends from my work place in India, friends from School and friends i met in US. These friends of mine are coming from LA, Salt Lake City, Sunnyvale and San Jose.

As per our plan we will spend friday night in Reno, saturday in lake tahoe and there will do some water sports activities like jetski, parasailing etc. Then will head to our destination i.e. Yosemite and will stay there in a camp which we have already booked. Then after spending sunday afternoon there we will head to bay area and explore San Francisco in the night. On monday we will rest in my friend's place in sunnyvale and go for delicious Indian food.

On monday then we all will leave back for our home and i will drop a friend of mine who is coming from Baltimore.

I m excited to meet all my friends tonight.

More on this trip later.

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