Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Waiting for my dream date to dine with me in this undersea resturant

Where are you? I am still waiting! Come on now, don't tease me, I will take you to this undersea resturant.

When you read this and (feel hungry :)), let me know so that I can come to pick you!


observateur_silencieux said...

HAHHAHAHHA... jeez... u sure you would be able to convince someone who is a vegetarian to eat in a place with a million fish around them? heheh

Dipesh Khakhkhar said...

"My Date, are you listening, this beaufitul aquatic ambience where you can see live creaturs, and green plants with blue background, screaming at you to come and have a Dinner with Deeps. Fishes swimming and swirling their fins around the plants in water and you and me holding each other's hand, not only staring at each other but thinking in the same direction. We will show them, how love birds (us) can have a good time."

I guess, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Priety Zinta will call me tomorrow after reading this.

PS: You must have seen not only fish but many creature if must have taken a walk in the Chinatown in Boston or NewYork City.
Till then