Friday, September 02, 2005

Sania Mania Rocking in New york

India's emeging tennis star "Sania Mirza" is shining brightly in New York. She is ranked 42nd now and this 18 year old star has more glory to see.

I saw her last month when she was playing in Standford as it is near to my place and I was visiting my friend there and I was simply amazed by watching her game. Previously I thought she has lots of barriers to cross to become known in this tennis world and being from a country where Cricket is the festival sport and commonly played in every street and avenues in India. But she has played superbly there and now also she is playing great and bringing laurels to India in this game.

Youngsters in India should get inspired by such a sportsman, as India is a billion people country there are plenty of talented people in different skills but just they need is encouragment, determiniation to DO IT and learn from past mistakes.

Sania is in her 4th round here in US open and might play against Sharapova, it should be good contest. I wish i were in NYC at this time.

All the best to Sania!


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