Monday, September 26, 2005

Everybody Hates Chris!!

Google came out with new way to show their videos which is really awesome. Not only the quality and presentation is good, this gives us glimpse of google tv, which was in news last week.

Well i watched the episode and liked the irony and satire used to show the life in US in 80's where there was a huge divide between whites and blacks. I will say i have seen this kind of discrimation when I used to ride T in Boston. Some whites still don't prefer to sit beside black. I was shocked to see that scene which will last in my memory for long.

I will watch out for next episode of "Everybody Hates Chris" and at the same time wait for

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observateur_silencieux said...

:) Racism.. in Boston? Really.. I strongly believe ppl here(northeast) are a bit more open to Diversity than any other place in America.

Anywaz... haven't stopped blogging... just changed the same..and the site layout.. Do hope to see your comments..